Where I'm Headed


Now that everyone is finished being excited about their Spotify Wrapped numbers, let me tell you where I'm at with the pursuit of my music.

I've decided that I'm going to promote other streaming services other than the evil empire that is Spotify.  I would like my supporters to get their music at Bandcamp or Apple Music.  These services pay artists much better.  If you want to support artists, don't use Spotify.

I've applied for over 35 festivals and showcases for 2024.  Fingers are crossed that I get accepted to some of them.

I have a show coming up in May of next year at the Sault Ste Marie Public Library Main Branch.  At this Signature Event, I will be performing my show, The Neighbourhood.  I will have a multi-media show set up for you that I hope will immerse you into my world.

I'm also trying to expand my gigging to some other Northern Ontario communities but so far the idea is easier said than done.  That seems to be the standard that many musicians are experiencing.  Venues, bars, restaurants (I hate restaurant gigs!), etc. are also experiencing a downturn and they are taking it out on the musicians they hire by not paying them properly.

Unfortunately, my little hometown isn't terribly interested in original music.  Just feed me the covers, they say.  That makes it tough for folks like me.

With all those struggles that I share with other musicians.  I'm glad I'm taking on a pursuit of music at this age.  I'm much better equipped to handle it.