As the song says, "It's been a long time comin'..."

Brian's favourite quote is from David Bowie. "Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been." The proverbial bell went off. He indeed thought he had truly become comfortable with who he was. It hasn't been an easy process but Tremblay could tell he was on the right track because when he looked back at his past, he cringed. If you don't cringe, then how can you know you've grown? His songs have become the repository for that growth, regret, and cringeworthy feelings from the past.

When Brian was a young teenager, his family boarded junior hockey players from the Soo Greyhounds. He watched one of the players staying at his home play his Gibson SG along to B.B. King records. It was fascinating! He decided to ask his parents for a guitar. His very first was a Fender F-25 bought from the local music store. After that, everything was history. But music can be a rocky road. In high school, Brian broke both his wrists and that seriously hampered his guitar playing. To this day, his wrists can start to pain him and make playing certain chords a challenge; yet he persevered. After years and years of playing the local bars, Brian decided to try and write some songs.

As they say, life gets in the way. Between family members telling him it was a great hobby but he would never be able to make a living at he and struggling with his wrist injury, playing music came in and out of his life. Although Brian had a lot of fun playing the local cover band circuit, he wanted to try releasing his music. Like many independent releases, before streaming became the primary way for consumers to get their music, things floundered. After a see-saw of an on-again, off-again playing live, one day, while sitting in the office of a dead-end sales job staring down sixty years old, he decided he was going to do it! The job went away and the songwriting, in earnest, began.

With musical influences ranging from The Beatles to Hank Williams, the music flowed. Brian noticed that his songs were sounding a lot like old country tunes. Sure, he used to watch Hee Haw with his parents and his dad would play old country standards by artists like Eddy Arnold, but he didn't think it would influence him that much. He was wrong. This led to his exploration of roots and Americana music. The Band led him to Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt and then to Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam. A little further down the rabbit hole, Tremblay found Jimmie Rogers, Hank Williams, George Jones and Emmylou Harris.

Brian loved the stories the songs told. These were stories that his World War II veteran father and war bride mother had. Stories of hardship, worry, love, truth and redemption. He decided to nick his soul with the blade of truth and see what came out. The stories were his and his family's. They were about his love for his wife, and family and how he grew up. Tremblay also told stories with his songs. Some real, some fictitious, some sprinkled with a judicious amount of artistic license but all from a well deep and dark.

Tremblay's music has reached around the globe. In 2023 his single, The Painter, hit #2 on the Radio Alliance Top 10 chart for Banks Radio Australia the week of December 23 and his single, I Walked for Miles debuted at #3 on Valley FM 89.5 Austrailia on their Daily Top 10 on March 15.