House Concerts

Your house, some friends & music

If you'd like to learn more about how to host a house concert, send me an email for your free guide on how to host a House Concert.

What Is A House Concert?

It's just what it sounds like. It's a get-together with friends in your living room, deck or garden, food, drinks, conversation and live music. I get to be up close and personal with folks listening to my music and telling some stories.

TenTen Concerts

These are the simplest of House Concerts.  These are reserved for weekday evenings or afternoons.  As with any House Concert, there is no cost to you.  All you need are ten guests minimum with a $10 minimum donation.  I will play a one-hour show for you and your friends (Monday - Thursday).

1. I don't have a big house. Can I still host a concert?

You bet you can! You don't need a gigantic living room. Most hosts are currently doing lawn concerts and outdoor events on their back deck or garden.

2. How many people are you expecting? I don't think I can get 50 people to come to my house.

Hey, I'll play for whoever shows up! It's quality not quantity in this case! Invite more than you think and see how many show up.

3. Does it cost money to host a house concert?

There's no direct cost to you. There's no set ticket price, but many folks holding these events will have a donation basket that gets passed around or at the door when they come in. Typically a donation is anywhere from $10 -$20 per person.

4. Can I book your band or duo for my house concert?

Typically I play these as a duet with my wife singing backup vocals. Sorry.

5. How do I plan this thing?

That's the great part about house concerts - low stress! Once we discuss a date and start time, you can set up a Facebook event or email your friends. If it's going to be outdoors have them bring a chair or blanket. So you don't have to stress about food, have them bring a dish and it can become a potluck. Either way, it's hanging out with friends, listening to music and having a good time!

6. But I really don't want strangers in my house.

This I completely understand! It won't be listed as a public event and keep your Facebook invite private. I'll list it on my website as a Private House Concert.

7. What exactly is the order of events for the evening?

Again, low to no stress! Once your guests arrive give them an hour to get comfortable, have a nosh, a drink and chat. I usually play for anywhere from an hour to two hours. I can take a break after the first hour to let folks stretch their legs, get more food and talk.

8. Ok, I want to do this! What's next?

Awesome!  Send me an email to and I'll send you a free guide, House Concerts Guide for Hosts.

(Thanks to Joy Ike for this great information that I adapted from her webpage!)