The Low Budget Music Career


I sat there staring at the title of this entry.  "Low budget".  It kind of hurts to read those words.  But, it's a theme that runs through my life.  I've always taken lower-budget options for my business projects because I have never had the money.  I don't have a great education so those high-paying jobs associated with those degrees are not in my lexicon.  It's not that my life has been hard, but I made some choices that I thought might pay off in the future, hopefully eliminating that anxiety.  It didn't work.

I love the life I have.  I've been happily married for many years.  We both have our health (compared to some others) and we have developed a very strong love and bond.  We have worked hard for what we have.  Yet, here we are.  What does this have to do with my music?  Read on.

I haven't spent a lot on any of the recordings I've released.  I've traded some of my services (photography, design, etc.) in exchange for recording time.  I'm grateful to those studio owners who allowed me to do that.  But as you get older the money gets thinner and you have to make adjustments.  With the technology that is available to anyone, recording at home has become easier.  I made investments into a good microphone (not the best, just good), a good DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) and the rest of the equipment I had already accumulated when I started doing my recordings.

Still sticking with that budget, I also decided that I would only record very stripped-down versions of my songs which is how I play them in public.  My wife provides the backing vocals and adding some harmonica, mandolin, lead guitar or bass is simple.  No other musicians, no big studios, just me and my songs.  After all, my songs are not about the production, they are about the song.  To me, this method serves the song best.

So, the moral of the story is, to just make music.  Record it however you can.  Proof that you don't need fancy recording gear is Oliver Anthony.  He recorded his music with a microphone and his phone and it was number one on Music Row!  I hope you'll check out some of these artists that make great music on little to know budgets and support them by purchasing their music and merch.