The Guitar I've Always Wanted


It was a hard decision to come to, but I made it and I'm not sorry.  Due to an injury, I had back in high school (I fell in the orchestra pit and broke both my wrists and a concussion) my left hand healed badly and it limited how much I could rotate my hand.  As you can appreciate, it affected my guitar playing.  Bar chords were tough in the beginning but as I got older, like all things with age, some things on our body just don't work the same.  I had to have light strings and a low action to make it work.

Unfortunately, the Rickenbacker 12-string guitar I had, is a six-string guitar with twelve strings jammed in it.  It takes a good hand and slim fingers to play it properly.  In the beginning, it was okay but got progressively worse.  So on Tuesday I pulled the trigger and traded it in for my first Martin guitar.  I couldn't be happier!

It's amazing what a well-made guitar that is set up properly can do for someone like myself.  My hands never felt so comfortable!  Even with the heavier gauge strings, I have no issues.  It's the best-sounding, most comfortable guitar I've ever played!

Check out my YouTube Channel to listen to it.  You'll also see my farewell to the Rickenbacker and the welcoming of the Martin.  Thanks for reading and following.  If you enjoy my music, please share it with everyone.  Cheers!