The Best Audiences Are Small Audiences


It's true.  Sure, many musicians would love to play an arena gig with five figures worth of attendance but, let's be real.  For most of us, that isn't happening anytime soon; especially for a sixty-two-year-old guy like me!  Yet, having experienced the love of an intimate audience, it's going to be tough to change my mind.

On March 27, I was hired by the City of Sault Ste Marie to play a free concert for seniors who are 55+ in age.  It was held at the Northern Community Centre.  I love community centres.  I never got to experience them growing up.  There were none around.

This was the first time I performed my new show, In the Tracks of the Black Bear.  The show was a celebration of our local short-line railroad, The Algoma Central Railway; now called The Agawa Canyon Railway since that's its only destination for now.

I wrote six new songs for the show and performed another six traditional train songs like Freight Train Blues and The Wabash Cannon Ball.  Behind us playing, I had a slide show of images of the railroad that rotated throughout the show.

Everyone told me they had a great time and enjoyed themselves.  I was honoured by all the kind words and folks taking pictures afterwards.

This is what it's all about folks!  An enthusiastic audience who come to listen, connecting with the audience and knowing these folks came out to support an independent artist trying to earn a living!