Not Famous, Not Rich, Just Making My Living


I'm not looking to become rich with my music either.  All I want is to make a living with it.  Or, at least, make a respectable portion of my living alongside my other endeavours.  I'm not the complete package today's pop-country music is looking for.  I'm no Johnny Handsome and I can't strut my scantily dressed self around the stage like the rest are doing.  All I want to do is tell stories with my songs and people will pay me to do it.

I think the takeaway here is to know your limitations and understand what you are up against.  This juggernaut they call the music business is not a kind mistress.  It's harsh, judgemental, and, most of all, superficial.  Don't stop chasing your music or art.  But know your place in that world.  Make your own opportunities because they won't be made for you.  Know what you want and don't compromise.  No matter how much money they throw at you.  Once you've got that confidence, you'll be happy and you'll get what you want and deserve.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will not be famous in the music business.  I have also reconciled with myself that dreaming of receiving awards, like Junos, Grammys or whatever award they've come up with, will never happen.  That's not to say I'm down on myself or my music.  It's just being real.  Let's face it.  I'm 61 years old.  The music business doesn't want anything to do with my demographic.  That's why I've decided to make music my way.