It Don't Come Easy


Do you have friends or family who are successful no matter what they do?  I have some friends who are like that.  I have never been that fortunate.

When I started my own business it took me a long while to get established and even then, it wasn't always smooth sailing.  I stuck to it and made it work and when things turned bad, I knew it was time to get out.  I've found the same applies to my music.  Unfortunately, I found out not everyone feels the same way about music as I do.  But I'm not quitting this time.  I think I have to stick to it and make sounds that I'm happy with and if anyone else catches on, great.

That brings up another question musicians struggle with.  Do you write to create a popular hit song or do you write for your satisfaction?  The answer seems logical and simple but many in the music business write with a formula so the odds of having that big hit are increased exponentially.  It's not about whether they like it or not, it's about whether the producer and the label think it will bring back their investment.

So you have a couple of choices.  Take the paved road that's very smooth, has no bumps, gets you right where you want to go and is easy driving or do you take the gravel road that's rarely smoothed out, filled with potholes, loose gravel, washouts and who knows what else.  This is the road most independent musicians are on; including myself - as if you couldn't tell.

Just know when you support those artists who don't have big chart-topping hits, sell millions of records, and play those small venues with a few hundred people, they truly need and appreciate your support.  Keep it up and thank you!