How The Music Business Works - For Artists Like Me, Part 3


For the last part of this little series, I want to tell you about some of the things you can do to help out artists who are trying to get a leg up in the business.  Just remember, there are many musicians who are not necessarily looking for super stardom success.  All they want is to be able to make a living in their chosen profession.  Here's what you can do to help.

  • Retweet and share artist's posts

Many times we don't know if anyone is even listening.  By sharing our posts it lets us know that you are out there and you care about the music and the artist creating it.

  • Add an artist's music to your playlist

Unfortunately, playlists have become much more important than they really should be.  Musicians fight the algorithms constantly and by adding our music to your playlist you help us increase the chance of getting on a bigger playlist

  • Share info about an artist's new album or song

That one is pretty self-explanatory.

  • Buy their merch

The purchase of a band's merchandise like T-shirts, CD's, posters, etc. are much more profitable than any amount of streaming.  So, show the love and buy something!

  • Donate or pay more than they are asking

Bandcamp has a minimum price that an artist would like you to pay for their song but it give you the option to pay more.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  If the song is a dollar, pay $2.  Or, just donate to the artist.  An unexpected $5 or $10 can go a long way if a few people do it.

  • Send us a DM

Just like folks like to get a letter from a pen pal or a phone call from a friend they haven't heard from in a while, musicians like to get DM's saying hello and that they are enjoying their music.

  • Leave a positive review or comment

In a world that has gone on to invent "hate likes" and in general it's filled with more haters than fans, if you truly enjoyed their music then leave a positive comment or review.  You'll be doing something good.

  • Leave a tip

Have you ever seen a tip jar or bucket when a musician is performing?  Some even have tip jars during a live stream.  Drop a little something in there to show them you care.