Colin Linden Live!


I had a really great finish to my weekend!  On Sunday evening my wife and I attended Colin Linden's ( here in Sault Ste Marie at a really nice venue called The Loft.  I have always been amazed when an artist can get up before a crowd with only a guitar and deliver a captivating performance that is equal to, if not greater, than a concert with a full band.  It was intimate, interesting and perspective altering.

Colin is a multi award winning artist and producer receiving a Grammy and many Juno awards.  He is the long-time producer of Bruce Cockburn and has performed with Bob Dylan, Greg Allman, and John Prine.

The next day Colin held a "master class" of sorts at the venue where he spoke about producing music and general music production questions to high school students, musicians and aficionados.  He is ultra generous with his time and information and was an open book that we could leaf through.  He is not your typical music star.  I don't think ego even comes into the man's lexicon.  For myself, it was like going to church and listening to the most soul-stirring homily that will be with me forever.

If you ever get a chance to see a performance of his - go!  Don't walk, run to get tickets.  You won't regret it.