Beyoncé, The Saviour of Country Music? Nope.


Let me start by saying I have no opinion on Beyoncé's new album, Cowboy Carter.  Nor do I have an opinion on her cover versions of Blackbird and Jolene or her single, Texas Hold 'em.  What I do take issue with is the inordinate amount of attention she is getting as someone who is 'saving' or 'helping' country music's popularity.  There is a cadré of artists out there who have been marching to the Three Chords and the Truth beat long before Beyoncé even thought about singing a country song.  These artists are not getting the recognition they deserve for creating music that takes us back to the roots of Americana and country music.  Before we go draping pop stars in laurels, let's acknowledge some of these great artists that should be credited for raising up country music.

Sierra Farrell

This young lady has an incredible personality.  She appears carefree, happy, kind and fun, but most of all, what a sound!  She'll take you back to the fun and simpler times with songs that have country swing, bluegrass, and just good country music.  Her latest album, Trail of Flowers is going to be all over the next Grammys.

Just a few years ago she was honing her skills by busking and playing wherever and whenever she could.  I love her style.  She wears it confidently and weaves her beautiful quirkiness into her music and stage shows.

Todd Day Wait

There's a social media account called Western AF (you can guess what the last two letters stand for).  In it, they profile the real heroes of country, Americana and roots music.  I've discovered a few great artists via this account and one that I recommend is Todd Day Wait.  His music sounds like it was just picked out of a jukebox in one of the most backroads, hole-in-the-wall, honky tonks ever!  The beauty of this music is that it's not overproduced, the arrangements are simple, and the lyrics are transformative.  This is country like your parents, or maybe your grandparents, used to listen to.

I'll continue to profile more of my favourite artists who are playing country, roots and Americana like it hasn't been played in decades.  Watch for more!