Beyoncé, The Saviour of Country Music? Nope. Part II


Thanks for reading along.  Here's part two of some of the independent artists that are out there who are bringing country and folk music to the forefront once again.

Jeremy Pinnell

After I've listened to an album on Apple Music, the app continues to play artists that are in a similar genre of music that you were just listening to.  This is how I found Feremy Pinnel.  As I mentioned previously, Western AF featured him on their social media stream.  I knew I had to check him out.

He keeps it traditional and simple.  Peddle steel guitar, a Telecaster for the twang, an acoustic guitar, bass and percussion.  I believe if you can't make music with just that, then you best rethink your music.

The Bluegrass Situation described him like this, "Kentuckian Jeremy Pinnell hits all the country-tune sweet spots. His voice is strong and a little mournful -- you can feel his ache seep through the speakers as you listen -- and the rhythm section shuffles along gently."

Slaid Cleaves

Here's another guy I found who popped up after I had finished listening to another album.  The song that grabbed me was Breakfast In Hell.

It grabbed my attention because it was about the province I live in, Ontario and the Georgian Bay area.  For a guy from Texas, I thought it was interesting that he wrote about it.  I love story songs and he tells a great story.  I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Joseph Hudak of Rolling Stone calls Cleaves "a master storyteller, one influenced not by the shine of pop culture but by the dirt of real life."