The New Album Is Here!  Now On Vinyl!

The Neighbourhood: Songs & Stories of a Blue Collar Raising

I am so pleased and excited to share with you the release of my new album, The Neighbourhood: Songs & Stories of a Blue Collar Raising.  This album came about because of a series of photographs I'd taken before COVID of some of the areas of my old neighbourhood and landmarks that I remember growing up.  I've included those images in my show of the same name for a fully immersive experience.

Experience it on vinyl!  Pick up your copy HERE  You'll also receive a free digital download of the album and a PDF booklet of the photographs that inspired the music!

You can buy a CD, by heading HERE.  You will also receive the free digital download and the PDF booklet!

You can also purchase a digital download, including the booklet, at Bandcamp

This is also my first album on a label!  A big thank you to Morningstar Records and Mike Haggith for making this very real.  The label is small but growing and lends some legitimacy to the work.  I hope you enjoy the album as much as I had creating it.  Enjoy!

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My First Single From the New Album, The Neighbourhood

Steel Ponies

This is the first single from my upcoming album, The Neighbourhood: Song & Stories of a Blue Collar Raising.  I wrote this about the memories and joy of riding my bike as a kid.  It got us everywhere we wanted to go and then some.  My favourite bike was my green CCM with the white banana seat and the high handle bars and a sissy bar!  I hope this brings you as much joy when you listen to it as it does to me when I wrote it.

New Single Coming!  Grey Bar Hotel

Coming out August 1

Watch for my new single, Grey Bar Hotel coming August 1!  Many years ago I was a corrections officer working at the local jail.  It was a sad, dingy place and it had a few stories.  I mixed my feelings when I worked there with a bit of history to help paint a picture of what it was like.  And I've always wanted to write a prison song.  What country artist doesn't?!

Stay tuned for more info!